Below the Belt Therapy

Working with you to improve bladder, bowel, and pelvic floor health.


Jane Appleyard

Specialist Pelvic Health

My commitment to helping clients with continence and pelvic floor problems comes from many years of experience.

I have observed the devastating effect pelvic health problems can have on men and women of all ages as well as the dramatic improvement they describe after rehabilitation.

The combination of my personal experiences of life changing health events along with my professional knowledge gives me the ability to empathise and empower the people I treat.

For Women

Women put themselves on the back burner and often put up with concerns about their pelvic health for years.


For New Mums

While everyone’s trying to be a super-mum with a super-baby, you can have concerns about your own wellbeing that you keep to yourself.


For Men

Pelvic health physiotherapy can play a major part in improving bladder, bowel and pelvic floor muscle activity in men.