For New Mums

Your amazing body carries a developing baby around for 9 months then brings the bundle into the world - for some women the delivery may not have been quite what they had planned. 

While everyone’s trying to be a ‘supermum’ with a ‘superbaby’ you can have concerns about your own wellbeing that you keep to yourself. 

It’s common to try to start running or go back to the gym too soon. We know if core muscles aren’t strong enough symptoms of back, hip and pelvic pain can develop as well as bladder and bowel problems.

Have a look at this list of the common problems many new mum’s women experience;

  • Bladder leaks when running or attempting any exercise

  • A strong sensation of urgency when you need to pass urine especially when putting a key in the door.

  • A strange ‘heavy’ feeling around the vaginal entrance and sometimes a sensation there is a tampon out of place.

  • Reduced sensation or pain during intercourse.

  • Painful caesarean section scar tissue

What to Expect At Your First Mummy MOT Consultation

The Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal assessment for new mums. It doesn’t matter whether your child is 6 months, 6 or 16 years old a Mummy MOT plays a vital part in ensuring a rapid recovery as well as preventing some of the long term complications associated with childbirth.

Assessments are held in a private consultation room where we have the opportunity for an in-depth discussion to review your symptoms and concerns. 

An initial consultation will last around 60 minutes and costs £70

The focus of the review and physical examination may be on your; 

  • Posture and alignment

  • Tummy muscle recovery

  • ‘Birth story’ focusing on your understanding of what happened during the delivery

  • Soft tissue healing of the tissues of the pelvic floor or caesarean section are if there feel to be any problems

  • Tone, strength, quality of pelvic floor muscle contraction and ability to release

  • Core muscles and whether they work as part of the pelvic floor ‘team’ 

  • Bladder and bowel health

  • Questions about return to sport and exercise

  • General concerns about pelvic pain  

  • Discomfort during intercourse


Example of a Treatment Plan

It may be that no further treatments are required and you just want a full assessment and questions answering.

In my experience most mums need specific advice about graduated return to activities and to ensure they are able to activate pelvic floor and core correctly.

In many cases a course of supervised pelvic physiotherapy over a 6-month can be helpful

A follow up consultation will last around 40 minutes and costs £45

Six Month Plan of Three or Four Treatments

  • Action plan to improve bladder and bowel health

  • Pelvic floor and tummy muscle graduated exercise programme 

  • Soft tissue ‘manual therapy’ techniques for sensitised scar tissue 

  • Use of electrical stimulation to activate pelvic floor

  • Biofeedback sessions to review improvements in pelvic floor muscle activity viewed on a laptop screen

  • Psychosexual support in resuming pain free intercourse